Hello everyone, Tonight I installed Gutsy as a dual-boot onto my Vista laptop. What can i do? So, I have a brand new installation of dapper 6. Hm, for some reason, it worked before but stopped working after a second restart.. Thanks for this how to.

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Download bt voyager 1065 laptop adapter

I just installed kubuntu feisty yesterday I cannot use my wifi. I had the same thing as you and it worked when i done it all. My wifi card finally works now! As I see in the top bar, right corner, my laptop is not sending any data. Any ideas as to what I can do? If it works fine if you issue the command, then it’s healthy.

However, the wireless network i normally connect to in Windows is not working now. voyaegr

How can I get BT voyager wireless card working on Ubuntu ? | Yahoo Answers

Once reported, our staff will be notified and voyagger comment will be reviewed. I apparently have one of the Air Station wifi adapters, viyager I followed the steps and got wifi working pretty quickly. When I got Feisty, this was a big help because of the additional information it provided.


Right now I am using a USB d-link device which worked upon install, however I have the built in broadcom that I want to use instead. Here just enter your network information. However, everytime I try to edit blacklist and try to add “blacklist ndiswrapper” when I save it it tells me that I don’t have permission or disk space.

Hi, just to let you know that a linhx Mac Pro Quad Zeon has a card Broadcom Wireless cards without Ndiswrapper for Dapper and Edgy”. Coming to this page and following these directions upgrade to feisty then try it again?

You are now definitely my favourite person on the internets. Thanks for this how to.

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I’m new to this! However, the bcm43xx-fwcutter configure script wanted to download linix its built-in URL, whose site is apparently over its bandwidth limit, so the configure script failed. I found that this firmware works well and seems to have few system-snagging bugs: Didn’t work, uninstalled it and reinstalled it.


Any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the drivers! I’m computer literate used to build my own desktops and can troubleshoot Windows problems pretty wellbut I’m a complete neophyte to LINUX I’m not afraid to use the terminal window, but I haven’t a clue what commands to use.

I’m a Linux newbie – just installed Ubuntu 6. I enabled the roaming mode and presto! I finally used this https: My ubuntu is 6.

I used the list of sources found in ubuntuguide. Here are two How-Tos they are more or less the same, but each explains different things better: The broadcom card in this laptop is the bcm Maybe I downloaded a too old one?

My laptop is a Acer Aspire I’m running FF Herd 5 – the official release wouldn’t even boot on my laptop.